The Balcony
The Rumour Said Fire

So take me under the floorboards,
I would love to feel like wood.
Take me back to the retards,
cause the world just make me sick.
There are colors in the air when I fall to the ground.
How we´d love to fall more often.

There´s a band in our cellar baby
and they´re playing a song of the drunks in the street.
And I can hear when they´re playing their love songs
cause the kids in the yard stop playing with their toys

So take me under the schoolyard
there are kids there who got lost
Their mouths all shouting asphalt and their bodies torn apart
There are colors in the air when I fall to the ground
I can sense a world of heartache
but I love the sound
of your hair
when it falls down from the pillow late at night
On the brink of illusion it´s the devil in my eyes
Waiting for the moment to kill me inside
How we´d love to die more often

So take my hands love there´s a burst inside our minds
Feel my hands love cause I´m numb from the neck down
And there is fire love on the balcony right here
I can see our bodies burn but sense no fear

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